RFFL is Regina’s largest child feeding program, providing services in Regina schools and neighborhoods for over 29 years.


Message from the General Manager

As the school year comes to an end and we are all tired and feeling like we badly need a vacation, I find that it is easy to start questioning why we do what we do. But then we get some beautiful reminders and it suddenly becomes clear that what we do is essential to some of the most vulnerable youth in our city. So I thought as an inspiration to finish off the year, I would share some of the feedback we received from students that benefit from the hard work of our staff, volunteers and board. 

These are comments from students at the High School Engagement Re-Entry Program and the Shirley Schneider Support Program at Balfour Collegiate: 


“The food you give us is so important to me because my family can’t afford to send me to school with a lunch, so I greatly appreciate the food you give us. My favourite food has to be when we make pizza buns! I greatly appreciate your kindness and generosity! Again, thank you so much!” 


“Thank you for providing food for our school. I appreciate that your organization provides it for us because some kids here don’t have food to pack for lunch or very much food at all. I am thankful for it and for all the work you do to feed the kids. I don’t have lunch food at home so that’s why I’m grateful. We use the food to eat it. But, thank you again for providing food for our school.” 


“Thank you for supporting us with food every week. I honestly think the food is great. Very tasteful. I have to eat lunch here every day and I thank you for supporting us. Still can’t believe you supported us for the two years or something. I don’t know where we would be without Food For Learning. Thank you. Honestly I wouldn’t come to school if there was not food at lunch. That’s how much I like your food. I rarely eat at my own home. I thank this school and the support I get from all of you.” 


“I think Food for Learning is a great thing because a lot of the time I don’t have time to eat at home or pack a lunch, or I don’t have any groceries at all” –Grade 12 student 


Food for Learning is important for the students at the SSSC for the reasons that it makes sure the pregnant ladies, breastfeeding mommies, and all the sleep deprived, forget-to-eat-breakfast, busy moms get nutrition throughout the week. It also helps financially, as so many moms may not be able to afford to bring a lunch every day. It also gives the opportunity for the ladies to try a variety of food and it teaches them cooking skills, which is an important adult skill.” –Grade 12 student 

Have a safe and happy summer everyone, come back refreshed, renewed and ready to take on the world. 

Lin Gennutt, General Manager




Check out our Facebook and Twitter Pages

We now have a Facebook Page and Twitter account, check it out.  We will try to keep current and interesting dialogue and update regularly.  We are excited about our leap into social media.


Twitter: @RFFLyqr



The new recycling fee added to milk purchases, has created a huge impact on our budget.  We have set up a Stop, Drop and Go account at SARCAN.  If you would like to help us out with recouping some of the recycle fees we have now set up an account with Stop, Drop and Go at SARCAN.  You can drop off milk containers, or any other recycling at SARCAN's drop centres.   All you need to do is enter our email address as the user (rffl@accesscomm.ca) and answere the security question: What is your favourite sports team? Of course, it is "The Saskatchewan Roughriders".  Enter the number of bags you have and the machine will spit out the appropriate number of stickers.  Put the stickers on your bags and leave them on the conveyer.  Very easy. The recycling refund will go directly to Regina Food For Learning.  This will make a huge impact on our  ability to continue supplying quality products to our programs.  Thank you for your support.



Notice of Garage Sale

La Premiere Ecole Preschool is sadly closing it's doors. They will be hosting a huge garage sale on Sat, June 24, 621 Douglas Ave. E, 9:30 to 4. Rain or Shine.

Many , many toys, games, craft supplies and equipment from the playschool PLUS a wonderful selection of goods from a moving sale.

Some proceeds from this sale will go to Regina Food For Learning. Hope to see you there.


Thank You Volunteers!                                               

Thank you very much to the volunteers that have become a part of our program.  The dedication and commitment shown by this special group of people is remarkable.  Your contribution to RFFL is greatly appreciated.  We are always excited about new volunteers and would welcome any assistance you could offer.  We are especially in need of a couple of volunteers to help out with snack preparation at Glen Elm School and Core Ritchie Nieghbourhood Centre.  We are currently recruiting Members to sit on our Board of Directors.   Thanks to everyone that helped out with the June and September hot dog sales.  If you are willing and able to give of your time and energy, please contact the General Manager either through the comments section of this web site, email: rffl@accesscomm.ca , www.facebook.com/reginafoodforlearning, Twitter: @RFFLyqr or call 306-565-8632.  


Two of our volunteers Ruth Lechner and Marjorie Burns in action with Linda Brown, our Food Service Coordinator along with  Jean Coleman President and Heather Stevenson Vice President.