RFFL is Regina’s largest child feeding program, providing services in Regina schools and neighborhoods for over 29 years.



Message from the General Manager

November 22 was a great day hosting our Share The Warmth Day. A LOT of food was distributed to the 885 students in our program. If feeding students was our goal, we succeeded. Special thanks to Saskenergy and Brown Communications Group for your hard work delivering and serving the food, and for all of the support you provided both financially and with manpower. Special thanks to SaskMilk, Saskatchewan Cattlemen's AssociationCampus Regina Public and Regina & District Food Bank for your donations, we appreciate all the effort and support that went into this day. I have to mention our staff, Linda Brown, Dorothy Payne and Erica Nimmo for their hard work and dedication, this was a monumental amount of work and it could never have happened without you and our wonderful troop of devoted volunteers. Special thanks to Marco Prieto, chef at CRP for making the chili, WOW, it was awesome. Thank you to everyone for your part, it is so appreciated.








Lin Gennutt, General Manager




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We now have a Facebook Page and Twitter account, check it out.  We will try to keep current and interesting dialogue and update regularly.  We are excited about our leap into social media.


Twitter: @RFFLyqr



The new recycling fee added to milk purchases, has created a huge impact on our budget.  If you would like to help us out with recouping some of the recycle fees, we have now set up an account with Stop, Drop and Go at SARCAN.  You can drop off milk containers, or any other recycling at SARCAN's drop centres.   All you need to do is enter our user name: 306-565-8632 (our phone number), and the drop off code: rffl  (all small letters).  Please note this is a new user name and drop off code. Enter the number of bags you have and the machine will print out the appropriate number of stickers.  Put the stickers on your bags and leave them on the conveyer.  Very easy. The recycling refund will go directly to Regina Food For Learning.  This will make a significant contribution to our ability to continue supplying quality products to our programs.  Thank you for your support.





Thank You Volunteers!                                               

Thank you very much to the volunteers that have become a part of our program.  The dedication and commitment shown by this special group of people is remarkable.  Your contribution to RFFL is greatly appreciated.  We are always excited about new volunteers and would welcome any assistance you could offer.  We are especially in need of a couple of volunteers to help out with snack preparation at Glen Elm School and Core Ritchie Nieghbourhood Centre.  We are currently recruiting Members to sit on our Board of Directors.   Thanks to everyone that helped out with the June and September hot dog sales.  If you are willing and able to give of your time and energy, please contact the General Manager either through the comments section of this web site, email: rffl@accesscomm.ca , www.facebook.com/reginafoodforlearning, Twitter: @RFFLyqr or call 306-565-8632.  


Two of our volunteers Ruth Lechner and Marjorie Burns in action with Linda Brown, our Food Service Coordinator along with  Jean Coleman President and Heather Stevenson Vice President.






Board of Directors

Board of Directors & Staff

11/06/2017 20:02


Jean Coleman—President 

Heather Stevenson– V. President 

Bonnie Baron-Williams—Treasurer 

Morgan McKellar—Secretary 

Dianne Digness—Member 

Larry Neufeld—Member 

Marie Galophe—Member 



Linda Gennutt—General Manager 

Linda Brown—Food Service Coordinator

Dorothy Payne-Cook


The June 2017 Newsletter is here!

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June 2017 Newsletter Final.pdf (1539869)

Archived Newsletters

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