Food Donation Wish List

Regina Food For Learning has a number of food items that are required to provide the necessary lunches and snacks.  Below is a list of items we call our "Wish List".

Wish List items include:

Crackers - graham, whole grain

Pasta sauce (tomato)

Plain cookies (arrowroot,  fig newton's, oatmeal, digestive)

Flour - all purpose or whole wheat

Sugar - white or brown

Baking items (vanilla, baking powder, baking soda, raisins, molasses, oatmeal)

Multi-grain Cheerios, Shreddies, sunflower seeds, banana chips (for trail snack mix)

Cheese: Mozza, Cheddar or Parmesan



Additional items are always in need as well.  Please call Lin at 306-565-8632 for more details, email at , message  on Facebook at or Twitter at @RFFLyqr.