Founding Members and Volunteer Appreciation Tea

14/04/2017 21:49

On April 8 we held a Founding Members and Volunteer Appreciation Tea to honour everyone who has worked tirelessly for Regina Food For Learning.  We are eternally grateful to all of the Founding Members whose shoulders we so proudly stand upon.  It was a great pleasure to hear stories from the past and gain a true understanding of the dedication of the compassionate group of people who laid the foundation of this honourable organization.  Thank you to Will Putz, Stacy Hughes, Kay Yee and Lil McLean for your insights to the past, but more importantly for your vision.  To everyone who was instrumental in the development and advancement of Regina Food For Learning, we can’t say enough.


To the current volunteers and all volunteers of the past, we are so grateful for your passion and commitment.  We are thankful every day and have an acute realization that without you, we could not continue.  You are a truly amazing group of individuals and we just can’t thank you enough.


A great day to honour great people, and we believe a good time was had by all.  We enjoyed good fellowship, good food and great speeches.   To everyone dedicated to Regina Food For Learning, we commend you and we thank you.