Community Outreach

16/11/2015 20:38

At the end of September we were approached by Marie Galophe, Pre-K teacher at Ma Premiere Ecole about her students doing a project with Regina Food For Learning to teach and demonstrate kindness and gratitude.  Together we decided that her class would construct Trail Mix bags for our program.  Our part was to supply the products necessary and their part was to construct the bags.  This has been a wonderful learning and collaborative experience for us all.  I would like to thank Marie for reaching out and giving us this opportunity to engage in community outreach.  I think we all were touched by this experience, from the students, to the parent helpers, to our staff.  I am attaching a PDF of what Marie had to say about their experience.  Please take time to read it, it will touch your heart.  Thank you Marie for your caring and compassion.

We are so proud to say that we have enlisted the help of Cyndi Rogers and her FIAP class at Campbell Collegiate as regular helpers.  They made trail mix bags for us to distribute and put some hard work into folding our newsletters to get ready for distribution.  They did an awesome job and we couldn't be more grateful.  They are planning to help out bi-weekly after Winter Break making trail mix bags.  Way to go staff and students of Campbell Collegiate's FIAP class.  You rock!
We also need to thank an enthusiastic young student from Wilfred Walker for volunteering with stuffing and labelling our Christmas card and newsletter mailout.  This was a huge help to us and we can't thank you enough.