Share the Warmth

07/01/2018 17:56

November 22 was a great day hosting our Share The Warmth

Day. A LOT of food was distributed to 885 students in our

program. If feeding students was our goal, we succeeded.

Special thanks to Sask Energy and Brown Communications Group

for your hard work delivering and serving the food, and

for all of the support you provided both financially and with

manpower. Special thanks to SaskMilk, Saskatchewan

Cattlemen's Association, Campus Regina Public and Regina

and District Food Bankfor your donations, we appreciate all

the effort and support that went into this day. I have to mention

our staff, Linda Brown, Dorothy Payne and Erica Nimmo for

their hard work and dedication, this was a monumental amount

of work and it could never have happened without you and our

wonderful troop of devoted volunteers. Thank you to

everyone for your part, it is so appreciated. I could not have

done this without you.

-Lin Gennutt, General Manager