Soup Sistas of Regina

21/10/2017 13:59

Another huge thank you and a WOW,WOW,WOW to the beautiful Women of Soup Sistas for their third generous donation of $9,250.  These women designate a local charity each year to be the recipient of their contribution, and we are so grateful that they chose us.  We are overwhelmed with your generosity,  kindness and community spirit. Together we can strive to ensure that no child goes to school hungry.  On Thursday, October 12 we were presented with this third donation, bringing their total giving to over $19,800.  You are truly the most generous, caring and kind women, and we are overwhelmed.  Thank you.

Soup Sistas of Regina:                                       

  • Donna Alport
  • Jeanne Baker
  • Janice Beattie
  • Denise Black
  • Carol Coote
  • Judith Fawcett
  • Candace Fischer
  • Jacklin Hall Gross
  • Susan Hertz
  • Erika Jackle
  • Susaln Keith
  • Lisa Molnar
  • Debra Montanini
  • Colleen Murphy
  • Lorrie Murphy
  • Susan Nurse
  • Dana Rathwell
  • Laura Redhead
  • Sandy Taylor
  • Kathleen Wilson