Lunch,  Snack & Breakfast Program Details

We are presently providing lunches in four locations, snacks in five locations and breakfast in one location.  All of our programs are in response to a request from that particular school or community.  It is our policy to not duplicate services in a location.    

A City of Regina nutritionist originally set up our nutrition standards.  These standards are closely followed and monitored by our Board of Directors and staff.  Each lunch is designed to provide one third of a child’s recommended daily requirements.

Typical Lunch: consists of at least 4 food groups

- 250 ml of 2% milk,

- Protein based sandwich (egg, tuna, meat or cheese),

- 100% whole wheat bread,

- Vegetable sticks, and

- Either a fruit or low fat baked item.

Typical Snack: consists of at least two food groups

- Hard boiled egg & celery sticks,

- Muffin and milk,

- ½ protein based sandwich,

- ½ fruit and low fat cookie, or

- Pizza bun

Typical breakfast: consists of at least 3 three groups

- English muffin    


-Cheese   Or  8 oz glass of Milk             

Nutrition education is an important part of our program.  Nutrition information is given to the children at every opportunity.  We continually strive to introduce new foods whenever possible.  There is an effort to provide as much variety as possible of fresh fruits and vegetables of the highest quality in season.