Regina’s Largest Child Feeding Program

Providing services in Regina schools and neighborhoods for over 29 years

Regina Food For Learning (RFFL) is a non-profit organization that has served in 33 different locations in the city in response to requests from the community.

RFFL is Regina’s largest child feeding program, providing services in Regina schools and neighborhoods since 1988.

Thanks to our dedicated volunteers, we achieve nutritious meals at an average cost of $2.49 per lunch, $1.66 per breakfast and .83 per snack.  We currently provide on average 11,150 nutritious snacks, breakfasts and lunches to 865 students each month. Read More



Thank you Graham Construction

A big thank you to Graham Construction for their donation of baking supplies and their help baking 270 cookies! They also fundraised $539 for RFFL by raffling off picnic tables that they built. Your ongoing support is greatly appreciated!!

Thank you Air Canada Foundation

We would like to thank Air Canada Foundation for their generous donation of $5,000 to Regina Food for Learning. This gift will help us continue to provide healthy meals to hungry kids in Regina. Your support is greatly appreciated! 

Co-op Membership

We now have a Co-op membership to start earning equity. If you would like to donate your equity to Regina Food For Learning, or if you don't have a membership yourself you can use our number and donate to us. Our new number is 155429. The next time you are shopping at Co-op and they ask for your number, you can give them ours. This is an easy and convenient way to donate to RFFL. We thank you for your contributions.



Sarcan Recycling

The new recycling fee added to milk purchases, has created a huge impact on our budget.  If you would like to help us out with recouping some of the recycle fees, we have now set up an account with Stop, Drop and Go at SARCAN.  You can drop off milk containers, or any other recycling at SARCAN's drop centres.   All you need to do is enter our user name:  306-565-8632 (our phone number), and the drop off code: rffl  (all small letters).  Please note this is a new user name and drop off code. Enter the number of bags you have and the machine will print out the appropriate number of stickers.  Put the stickers on your bags and leave them on the conveyer.  Very easy. The recycling refund will go directly to Regina Food For Learning.  This will make a significant contribution to our ability to continue supplying quality products to our programs.  Thank you for your support.

Welcome New Schools

We are pleased to welcome three new schools to our program! Beginning in mid-October, Wilfred Hunt School now receives a breakfast and a snack for eight students. In November, Ruth Pawson and W.H. Ford schools will also be joining us. We will be providing Ruth Pawson School with breakfast for nine children, and W.H. Ford School will receive two snacks per day for 16 students. All three schools will participate 5 days a week and will also incorporate it into their curriculum, learning food prep and clean-up skills. Welcome aboard Wilfred Hunt, Ruth Pawson, and W.H. Ford!

Happy Back to School!


It’s that time again - time to get organized and back into a routine. The new school year is a great time to start fresh and create healthy habits. With the kids back in school, this is our chance to help guide healthy eating habits through our meal programs.


Regina Food for Learning is gearing up for the new school year with our nutrition program starting on September 10th. Erica Nimmo and Dorothy Payne are working hard to get organized and put together meal ideas for our schools. We also welcome back our volunteers who play an important role in preparing meals and helping out where needed.


As the newest employee of Regina Food for Learning, I can appreciate that back-to-school feeling, with new people, new learning opportunities and challenges. I’m taking what I’ve learned from my past experiences researching and volunteering with food security organizations and school food gardens, and applying them to this new experience.

I’m happy to have the chance to work amongst people who help turn hungry kids into healthy kids. Thanks to Lin Gennutt and the Board for helping with the transition. I’ve received such a warm welcome and looking forward to meeting everyone involved in keeping our meal programs running well!

Welcome to Our New GM

We are thrilled to announce that Danielle Humble-Selinger has been appointed the new GM to replace Lin. Danielle comes to us from Regina Public Library where she worked at securing donations for library programs. Her passion is food security and she’s volunteered with organizations and groups involved in advocating for healthy eating in schools and school food garden projects. When she’s not working, she enjoys camping and spending time outdoors with her family. She’s excited to start working with Regina Food for Learning and meeting everyone involved in the program. She’s looking forward to being a part of this great organization and helping to continue the great work that RFFL does! We think Danielle will be a wonderful addition to RFFL.

Thank You Volunteers!

Thank you very much to the volunteers that have become a part of our program.  The dedication and commitment shown by this special group of people is remarkable.  Your contribution to RFFL is greatly appreciated.  We are always excited about new volunteers and would welcome any assistance you could offer.  We are especially in need at Core Ritchie Neighbourhood Centre on Thursdays and Fridays.  We are currently recruiting Members to sit on our Board of Directors.   If you are willing and able to give of your time and energy, please contact the General Manager either through the comments section of this web site, email: ,, Twitter: @RFFLyqr or call 306-565-8632.   

Two of our volunteers Ruth Lechner and Marjorie Burns in action with Linda Brown, our former Food Service Coordinator along with  Jean Coleman President and Heather Stevenson Vice President.