Our Program

We are presently providing lunches in four locations, snacks in five locations and breakfast in one location.  All of our programs are in response to a request from that particular school or community.  It is our policy to not duplicate services in a location.   


Our nutrition standards adhere to guidelines set forth by REACH as well as the Saskatchewan Ministry of Education's Nourshing Minds framework, and are monitored by our Board of Directors and staff.  Each lunch is designed to provide one third of a child’s recommended daily requirements.




consists of 4 food groups. For example,

  • 250 mL 2% milk
  • protein-based sandwich (egg, tuna, meat, or cheese)
  • 100% whole wheat bread
  • vegetable sticks
  • fruit or low-fat baked item




consists of at least 2 food groups. For example, 

  • hard boiled egg & celery sticks
  • muffin and milk
  • ½ protein-based sandwich
  • ½ fruit and low-fat cookie
  • pizza bun




 consists of at least 3 food groups. For example,

  • English muffin
  • egg
  • cheese or milk         


Nutrition education is an important part of our program. Nutrition information is given to the children at every opportunity. We continually strive to introduce new foods whenever possible. There is an effort to provide as much variety as possible of fresh fruits and vegetables of the highest quality in season. 

Current Locations

Balfour Tutorial (Shirley Schneider Support Centre)

We provide lunches for 100 teen parents each Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The menus are done by Regina Food for Learning but the students do the actual food preparation for their own program. The Balfour Tutorial students are pregnant and parenting teens continuing their high school education. We are very proud of this program because the girls not only get the much needed nutrition, but also the experience of preparing nutritious lunches. We also provide an extra 17 litres milk so that some students are able to take home two litres on Fridays for their babies. In 2017, 10,200 lunches were served.

Judge Bryant School

We provide 10 breakfasts and 15 lunches daily.   The menus and food are picked up by school staff who oversee the preparation and distribution of the meals. In 2017 we served 1,580 breakfasts and 2,370 lunches.

Dr. George Ferguson School

We provide a universal snack two days a week for Dr. George Ferguson School students. Universal snacks means that every student in the school receives it.  The food pick up and preparation is done by school staff and students. We are feeding 340 students each Wednesday and Thursday morning. In 2017 we served 23,280 snacks.

Glen Elm Community School

We provide a universal snack program at Glen Elm Community School for pre-kindergarten through grade 8 5 times per week.  We are feeding approximately 325 students each school day morning. The food preparation is done on site by a part time Regina Food For Learning Cook. In 2017, 48,277 snacks were served.

Campus Regina Public - Victoria Campus

Starting in 2003 we began serving high school students in several different alternative programs. The Victoria Campus programs we have served the past 13 years are now all housed at Campus Regina Public (formerly Cochrane High School).  We provide 50 lunches daily.  In 2017, we served 8,980 lunches.

Learning and Re-Engagement Centre

Starting in 2016, we began serving a universal lunch at L.A.R.C. (Learning and Re-Engagement Centre)  in the Mamaweyatitin Centre.  This is a program that has been developed by Regina Public Schools to re-engage students in grade 10 who have had little or no attendance.  The We provide 20 lunches three times per week.  In 2017 we served 2,300 lunches.

Martin Collegiate's Aboriginal Advocacy

Martin Collegiate's Grandma Bear (Elder Joyce Bear) began a beading class with some of Martin's at-risk students.  She saw a need to feed these students and began supplying food from her own purse.  The program grew, thanks to Grandma Bear's kindness and wisdom, to a point that she could no longer sustain feeding the students herself, so students began bringing food from home for a pot luck.  A proposal was made to RFFL and we accepted Grandma Bear's Bead and Feed as one our programs.  The Aboriginal Advocacy continues to grow, and we currently offer a universal lunch once a month to 35 students.  In 2017 we served 315 hot lunches.

Thom Collegiate Student Support Services

In May 2016, we began serving 25 snacks daily to the two Student Support Services areas of Thom Collegiate. A need had been expressed that students are arriving at school hungry. The staff of the Student Support Services felt this is one problem students face that can be easily addressed, and expressed their need to Regina Food For Learning. The program has been a huge success. Beginning in September 2018, Thom increased their snacks to 50 per day.

Wilfred Hunt School

Wilfred Hunt joined Regina Food for Learning in October 2018. We provide them with a breakfast and a snack for eight children, five days a week.

Ruth Pawson School

Beginning in November 2018, Ruth Pawson School receives a breakfast for nine children, five days a week.

W.H. Ford School

W.H. Ford School is the newest addition to our program. We provide them with two snacks per day for 16 students, five days a week.