Frequently Asked Questions

About Our Programs

How many snacks and lunches are served daily?

On average, RFFL currently serves on average 11,150 lunches, breakfasts or snacks to 935 students monthly.


How many meals has RFFL served to date?

From 1989 to 2016, RFFL served over 2.7 million lunches, breakfast or snacks.

In 2016, we provided 22,420 lunches, 1,480 breakfasts and 77,073 snacks.


In which locations does RFFL serve?

We serve at schools and other child education programs throughout Regina. Please see our current programs list.


How are children registered in the program?

Regina Food For Learning reacts to requests from schools to establish programs.  Any school (public or separate) may contact us with a general need for a program to service a few or many students that they feel are not receiving adequate nutrition. The school may feel that a lunch program would best fill the need for their students.

Universal programs: The idea here is that there is a general need in that particular school and that any surplus food from the snacks can be consumed by those students who need it most.

Targeted programs: In the schools that have smaller programs, the children requiring assistance register with Regina Food for Learning. 

Regina Food for Learning requires that all students receiving snacks, breakfasts or lunches must fill in a form indicating any food exemptions due to food allergies or restrictions in diet.  The teachers  are our connection to the students and assist us by gathering the forms and  recommending children that could benefit from our programs.  At the beginning of each school year we send information to each of the schools we service.  Our intention is to service children who consistently arrive at school hungry.  After the child has filled in the required registration form, lunches are provided in a discreet manner.  In the schools that receive breakfast or lunches, the staff at that school and the students themselves often make up the meals using the menus and groceries we provide. In the schools offering universal snacks, all children are required to register and the snacks are distributed to every student on the scheduled days.  Any surplus snacks are then available to be eaten by students who have greater need.


Is RFFL associated with other feeding programs or the Food Bank?

Initially, Regina Food For Learning worked closely with the Food Bank to help with grocery purchases.  Until 1991, donations from individuals, service clubs, churches and businesses made up a good portion of our funding, with the balance coming from different fundraising ventures.  In 1991 REACH (Regina Education and Action on Child Hunger) was formed to oversee the distribution of funds from provincial and civic sources.  With this added financial stability, we no longer rely on the Food Bank; however, the Food Bank will distribute surplus items that are date sensitive, and donates kitchen supplies through their reclamation program. 

Regina Food For Learning is not associated with other feeding programs; however, there are several programs under REACH (Regina Education and Action on Child Hunger), an umbrella agency set up to oversee and support groups who provide meals and snacks to children in our community.

About Donations


How do I make a donation?

If you would like to make a monitory contribution, please make your cheque payable to:

 Regina Food For Learning Inc.,

 P.O. Box 3524, Regina, SK S4P 3J8. 

If you would like to make a monitory donation using a credit card or paypal account, use the 'donate button' on our website.

 For food product donations, please contact us directly.


Will RFFL provide a donation receipt for my taxes?

Tax receipts will be issued for donations of $10 or more.  Please ensure you send us your complete mailing address and email address if you have one. An electronic receipt can be sent via email.   When making a donation online, a tax receipt will be issued immediately by CanadaHelps via email.


Where does RFFL get their funding?

REACH (Regina Education and Action on Child Hunger) is an umbrella agency set up to oversee and support groups such as ourselves who provide nutritious meals and snacks to children in our community.  In 2016 REACH provided us with 43% of our total budget.  A grant for our 2017 operating year in the amount of $25,000.00 was issued by the Community Initiatives Fund, and $16,000 was donated by 100 Women Who Care in June 2016.  The remainder of the funds came in the form of donations from businesses, service clubs, individuals, Soup Sistas and church organizations as well as fundraising.