Regina Food for Learning was incorporated in 1988 and began operating on April 4, 1989.  We started with a breakfast program at Core Ritchie for children from St. Augustine and Wetmore Schools.  At that time Food for Learning was established by ordinary Regina citizens who were concerned about hungry children in our city.  These people formed the volunteer base for the Board of Directors and breakfast program providers.  There was no stable funding in place, and many of the groceries came from the Food Bank.


The Mayor's Task Force and the Regina Child Hunger Coalition was in full swing and the city of Regina offered the half-time services of a city health department nutritionist for one year.  The nutritionist worked very closely with Food for Learning to set up menus, which were both nutritionally sound and economical.  In fact after her contracted services she joined our Board of Directors as one of our strongest supporters.


The first year of operation was a real learning experience. We were very fortunate to have some very talented and committed people involved.  We started with a breakfast program but soon realized that although breakfast is a very important meal each day, we would reach more children with a lunch program.  We also found it easier to access the necessary volunteers at 10 a.m. instead of 7 a.m.  The first year saw an expansion of services from one program to eight.  We have served as many as 13 programs at one time and are currently providing lunches or snacks at 7 locations in Regina.