About Regina Food For Learning

Regina Food For Learning (RFFL) is Regina's largest child feeding program, serving Regina schools and neighbourhoods since 1988. RFFL is a non-profit organization that has provided snacks and meals in 42 different locations in the city in response to requests from the community. 


Healthy, nourished kids thriving at school.


Regina Food for Learning is a non-profit dedicated to partnering with the community to provide nourishing food to children in schools


Quality • Dependability • Collaboration • Respect 


  • To ensure children have consistent access to high-quality, nutritious food
  • To expose children to a variety of healthy food
  • To raise awareness of the link between nutrition and learning and the issue of food insecurity in the larger community
  • To maintain a strong and sustainable organization
  • To generate resources to offer a model feeding program
  • To create an organization where volunteers and staff feel supported and valued



Strategy Map