Donations from individuals, service clubs, churches and businesses make up a good portion of our funding, and fundraising ventures help supplement our bottom line. 

We received funding in the amount of $54,340.00 from REACH (Regina Education and Action on Child Hunger) for the  2017-18 school year.  This was in response to our total budget of $163,100.00.  REACH is the umbrella organization which oversees several feeding programs in the city.   We also received a grant from the Community Initiatives Fund in the amount of $25,000.00 in 2017 and have been granted $25,000.00 from them for 2018.    

We pride ourselves in our money management skills.  Our costs are kept extremely low by a number of factors.  Most importantly our labour costs are minimal due to the dedication of our volunteers.  Our office space is donated by REACH and our food storage, kitchen and distribution space is donated by the City of Regina at the Core Ritchie Community Centre.  Our menus and the grocery items we serve are first class.  We purchase almost all of our groceries from reliable suppliers.  We do have what we call a "Wish List" of grocery items that we circulate to our donors.  Some donors contribute food products from the "Wish List".  All in all, our efforts pay off as we have consistently kept our cost per lunch at or below $2.88.  We feel this is quite an accomplishment for the nutritional value of each lunch.  The costs include all of our expenses from the apples to the auditor.

Our feeding program relieves hunger and improves diet quality.  Well-nourished children are more likely to receive the full benefits of their education.

If you, your company or work group would like to assist us in any way to help feed Regina's hungry children, please contact Lin at 306-565-8632 or email  You can also check out our Facebook at or Twitter at