Welcome New Schools

We are pleased to welcome three new schools to our program! Beginning in mid-October, Wilfred Hunt School now receives a breakfast and a snack for eight students. In November, Ruth Pawson and W.H. Ford schools will also be joining us. We will be providing Ruth Pawson School with breakfast for nine children, and W.H. Ford School will receive two snacks per day for 16 students. All three schools will participate 5 days a week and will also incorporate it into their curriculum, learning food prep and clean-up skills. Welcome aboard Wilfred Hunt, Ruth Pawson, and W.H. Ford!

Happy Back to School!


It’s that time again - time to get organized and back into a routine. The new school year is a great time to start fresh and create healthy habits. With the kids back in school, this is our chance to help guide healthy eating habits through our meal programs.


Regina Food for Learning is gearing up for the new school year with our nutrition program starting on September 10th. Erica Nimmo and Dorothy Payne are working hard to get organized and put together meal ideas for our schools. We also welcome back our volunteers who play an important role in preparing meals and helping out where needed.


As the newest employee of Regina Food for Learning, I can appreciate that back-to-school feeling, with new people, new learning opportunities and challenges. I’m taking what I’ve learned from my past experiences researching and volunteering with food security organizations and school food gardens, and applying them to this new experience.

I’m happy to have the chance to work amongst people who help turn hungry kids into healthy kids. Thanks to Lin Gennutt and the Board for helping with the transition. I’ve received such a warm welcome and looking forward to meeting everyone involved in keeping our meal programs running well!

GM News

It is with a very heavy heart that I am announcing my retirement from Regina Food For Learning. This has been a difficult decision, but for personal reasons, the right decision. I have enjoyed working for Regina Food For Learning for the past almost three years as the General Manager. I have learned so much, met some really wonderful people and had a great time. I am very proud of the work I have done and the things I have accomplished in my short tenure. I would like to thank the Board and Staff for putting their confidence in me, for being so supportive and for giving me the opportunity to work for such a vital organization. I would also like to thank everyone who supported RFFL during my time, for the kindness shown and the generosity in this community that has blown me away. It has been an honour and a privilege to serve Regina Food For Learning and the children that depend on them.


We are thrilled to announce that Danielle Humble-Selinger has been appointed the new GM to replace Lin. Danielle comes to us from Regina Public Library where she worked at securing donations for library programs. Her passion is food security and she’s volunteered with organizations and groups involved in advocating for healthy eating in schools and school food garden projects. When she’s not working, she enjoys camping and spending time outdoors with her family. She’s excited to start working with Regina Food for Learning and meeting everyone involved in the program. She’s looking forward to being a part of this great organization and helping to continue the great work that RFFL does! We think Danielle will be a wonderful addition to RFFL.


Thank you City of Regina

We are thrilled and honoured to announce that we have been approved for a second time, for a $15,000.00 grant from the Social Development Grant Committee with the City of Regina. The Committee recognizes that Regina Food For Learning strongly aligns with the City of Regina’s Social Development priority of food security. The Annual Activities program of the Social Development stream receives a high volume of applicants which makes our selection significant. The City of Regina has been a supporter of Regina Food For Learning with the use of the Core Ritchie Community Association as our distribution centre for many years. We are so pleased that the City of Regina has proven to be a benevolent and supportive partner.

Thank you to the Selection Committee and to Dave Slater, A/Coordinator, for the encouragement, advice and support. It is appreciated.


Thank you Saskatchewan Hockey Association

Many thanks to Sheri Trapp of the Saskatchewan Hockey Association for your awesome donation last week. Due to the tragic accident of the Humboldt Broncos, the Sask First Hockey Tournament was cancelled, and they were looking to donate 2,000 servings of chocolate milk. We were able to provide a surprise treat to all of our elementary schools, Balfour's Shirley Schneider Support Program, Mamaweyatitin Centre, Core Ritchie after school program and other agencies: Headstart, SCEP and their daycare. This was a huge donation and thank you must include Saskmilk for their initial donation to Sask Hockey, and to Erica Nimmo our Food Service Coordinator for a great job organizing everything. Thank you Sheri for thinking of us in the face of adversity.

Thank you Jugo Juice

A huge thank you to Deepansh and the crew at Jugo Juice. They held a smoothie by donation event for their grand opening. The event raised $450.00 that has been donated to Regina Food For Learning, along with some excess food to be used in our programs. We are so grateful you chose us for your charity of choice. Deepansh was kind enough to give me a sample smoothie and I have to say it was totally delicious. If you are downtown head over to Twin Tower #1, on the southwest side of the Scarth Street Mall. You will find JugoJuice Regina, check them out, good food, good beverages, great staff. Thanks for everything JugoJuice Regina (the first in Saskatchewan).


Jugo Juice Grand Opening

Our board member, Larry Neufeld, stopped in to thank Jugo Juice at their grand opening for their support in helping to feed hungry students in Regina with their donation by smoothie at their grand opening in Regina on April 5. Sheri from Z99 was also broadcasting from onsite to let her listeners know about this event in support of Regina Food for Learning.

Thank you Farm Credit Canada

On April 23 Lin Gennutt, General Manager attended a media event hosted by Farm Credit Canada to announce the 18 charitable organizations that are this year's recipients of the FCC Regina Spirit Fund Award. Regina Food For Learning has been awarded $5,000.00 as part of this year's funding. We are just thrilled and honoured to be selected as one of the recipients. Many thanks to Mike Hoffort CEO, Mandy Horvath Community Investment Consultant, and the entire team at Farm Credit Canada.


Regina Food for Learning Annual General Meeting 2018

Thank you to all those who attended our 2018 AGM at the Core Ritchie Centre in Regina.  We had important milestones that included the Share the Warmth Day, where we provided lunches to 885 students in our program (thanks to a grant from Sask Energy), the securing of grants from the City of Regina and the Community Initiatives Fund and the establishing of a Drop & Go account with SARCAN to raise funds through recycling.   Our mission of feeding hungry students was made possible with the support of REACH, SaskMilk, Brown Communications, the CRP Culinary Arts Program, Soup Sistas, Graham Construction and many others.  There is much work to continue to do in 2018 but with the continuing support of our community partners and our fantastic volunteers we look forward to meeting the challenge.         

We were pleased to have Ashley Enion from the Learning & ReEngagment Centre as our guest speaker at this year's AGM.  It was fantastic to hear how Regina Food for Learning is helping her students to be able to receive the food they need to stay in school. 

Thank you Graham Construction

On March 23, five volunteers from Graham Construction came and donated a large quantity of food and their time to make 250 cookies and 40 granola bars!!  This is the second time they have come to donate and volunteer.  They also came in December, in time to help out with the Christmas rush.  They have indicated that  this may be a quarterly thing for them!!  They are awesome!!!! 

Thank you for your support and dedication, you are appreciated.




Thank you Bayer Crop Science

Many thanks to Bayer Crop Science for your generous donation of $2,000.00. Bayer Crop Science has been a dedicated donor to Regina Food For Learning for many years.  We can't thank you enough.<article></article>


The Wolf Rocks with Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

We are so pleased and grateful that Regina's Rock Station, 104.9 The Wolf chose us again this year for their 30 Deeds Done Dirt Cheap campaign. Thank you so much for the food donations, this will be a huge help in our fight against child hunger. Thanks to Chad and Ballsy for making the delivery. We appreciate the support and your generosity.