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<p><br></p><p><br></p><p><br></p><p>Community Initiatives Fund</p>


We are thrilled and grateful to announce that we have been selected again this year by the Community Initiatives Funds to receive a grant in the amount of $25,000.00.  CIF supports initiatives that enhance individual and community quality of life and wellbeing. With CIF support, Saskatchewan communities benefit by having access to local projects that encourage community development, access to programs and services, inclusion, and leadership.  This is the second year in a row that we have been selected to receive funding from CIF.  Thank you to the selection committee, we are honoured.

Soup Sistas of Regina


Another huge thank you and a WOW,WOW,WOW to the beautiful Women of Soup Sistas for their third generous donation of $9,250.  These women designate a local charity each year to be the recipient of their contribution, and we are so grateful that they chose us.  We are overwhelmed with your generosity,  kindness and community spirit. Together we can strive to ensure that no child goes to school hungry.  On Thursday, October 12 we were presented with this third donation, bringing their total giving to over $19,800.  You are truly the most generous, caring and kind women, and we are overwhelmed.  Thank you.

Bayer Crop Science & Sasktel


Thank you SaskTel for your sponsorship of $2,000.00 from your Community Investment Program.  SaskTel is committed to supporting non-profit and charitable organizations in Saskatchewan.  We are so pleased that SaskTel has chosen us as one of their recipients.   We are always overwhelmed with the generosity of the corporations and the citizens of Saskatchewan.  Thank you. 

We would also like to extend a huge thank you to Bayer Crop Science for their donation of $2,000 for another year.  Bayer Crop Science has been a great supporter of Regina Food For Learning for which we are so grateful.  THANK YOU!

Economic Development/Tourism Regina

03/08 2017

Economic Development Regina competed in the Charity Championship at Casino Regina on August 11.  They made a valiant effort despite the extremely hot weather.  They were able to raise a total of $250 for Regina Food For Learning.  Thank you so much for choosing us as your charity of choice.

CUPE Saskatchewan Health Care Council


CUPE Saskatchewan Health Care Council has most generously donated $1,000.00 to Regina Food For Learning.  Thank you for your consideration and recognition of the hard work we do.  It is appreciated.

City of Regina Social Development Grant


We are thrilled and honoured to announce that we have been approved for a $15,000.00 grant from the Social Development Grant Committee with the City of Regina.  The Committee recognizes that Regina Food For Learning strongly aligns with the City of Regina’s Social Development priority of food security.  The Annual Activities program of the Social Development stream receives a high volume of applicants which makes our selection significant.

The City of Regina have been supporters of Regina Food For Learning with the use of the Core Ritchie Community Association as our distribution centre for many years.  We are so pleased that the City of Regina has proven to be a benevolent and supportive partner.

Thank you to the Selection Committee and to Dave Slater, Community Consultant, for the encouragement, advise and support.  It is appreciated. 

City Kidz Regina


CityKidz Regina actively works to alleviate the impact of poverty by providing inspirational experiences and personal relationships.  Every year they choose a non-profit/charitable organization to donate $1,000.00 whose mandate is in line with their mission.  This year they chose us.  Thank you so much CityKidz Regina for your most generous donation.  We are grateful for your generosity and thoughtfulness.  

Founding Members and Volunteer Appreciation Tea


On April 8 we held a Founding Members and Volunteer Appreciation Tea to honour everyone who has worked tirelessly for Regina Food For Learning.  We are eternally grateful to all of the Founding Members whose shoulders we so proudly stand upon.  It was a great pleasure to hear stories from the past and gain a true understanding of the dedication of the compassionate group of people who laid the foundation of this honourable organization.  Thank you to Will Putz, Stacy Hughes, Kay Yee and Lil McLean for your insights to the past, but more importantly for your vision.  To everyone who was instrumental in the development and advancement of Regina Food For Learning, we can’t say enough.


To the current volunteers and all volunteers of the past, we are so grateful for your passion and commitment.  We are thankful every day and have an acute realization that without you, we could not continue.  You are a truly amazing group of individuals and we just can’t thank you enough.


A great day to honour great people, and we believe a good time was had by all.  We enjoyed good fellowship, good food and great speeches.   To everyone dedicated to Regina Food For Learning, we commend you and we thank you.

Sask Abilities Partnership


We are thrilled to announce that Regina Food For Learning and Sask Abilities are in the planning stages of a partnership.  Quality of Life Coordinator of Sask Abilities, Carmen Donald has met with us to develop and nurture programming that will not only be inclusive and beneficial to the participants of the Quality of Life Centre, but will benefit Regina Food For Learning as well.  Plans are being made for the participants to help out at the Core Ritchie Neighbourhood Centre with cleaning, shopping and distribution.  We are all confident that this will prove to be a successful endeavour for us and for them.  Thanks to Carmen for her enthusiasm and passion toward her participants.

Regina Food Bank Community Connections


On March 23, Lin Gennutt, General Manager attended the Making Community Connections Event at the Regina and District Food Bank.  We did indeed make some connections, enlisted some new volunteers and was able to network with other worthwhile agencies.  Many thanks to the Regina Food Bank for hosting this valuable gathering of community minded agencies.

Community Outreach - Ma Première École


Just before Christmas, Marie Galophe agreed to have another go at making the trail mix bags with her La Premiere Ecole pre-school class. She did do a batch for us back in early October and wrote a beautiful blog describing the activity. So In December she decided to do it again as a Christmas activity. She did write another blog and I would love to you read what she had to say. A much different experience than the last one. It is a touching story, I hope you will take the time to have a read. Here is what she had to say:

On Consent and How it Drives People

When Lin Gennutt, the general manager of Regina Food for Learning reached out to me at the end of November to set up another workshop at Ma Première École Preschool, it was clear that I needed to find a powerful incentive to get not only the parents and guardians, but also the children, involved, to renew everyone’s interest for this activity.

Indeed, two months earlier, in October, as we celebrated Thanksgiving and learned about gratitude, I organized three workshops with Regina Food for Learning, involving all three groups of students we have at Ma Première École. A total of 24 toddlers, aged 3 or 4, worked hard to assemble and decorate 80 trail mix bags that were then distributed throughout the community. Two parents managed to come assist us.

This time, instead of using the workshops as a learning activity imposed upon the children as something they had to do in order to learn something, I set it up as a goal. At the beginning of December, I created a mural in the classroom representing a journey. It started in our school, and led toward a train station. The train would take us to an airport, where a plane would then help us to reach northern Canada. From there, we would sail all the way to the North Pole.

The idea was that we would learn about shapes and means of transportation while also travelling throughout December all the way to the North Pole. Once there, we would have our Christmas party and, who knows, maybe meet Santa. During the second week of December, I sent out a formal invitation to our Christmas party to the parents, along with an explanatory booklet.

The booklet introduced Regina Food for Learning and their mission, and also contained their December newsletter. I provided details on the scenario of the party and its purpose: the children would come to class, reach the North Pole and find Santa’s house. The house would be empty, but Santa would have left a letter for them.

The letter would ask the children if they wanted to help Santa get ready for Christmas. He would tell them that he needed to make trail mix bags for less fortunate children who were relying on him for a Christmas treat. So, the plan was that we would make the trail mix bags only if the children consented to help.

For a teacher and party coordinator, this was a big leap of faith, but it also created a certain momentum in this busy time of the year. The anticipation of going to the North Pole and maybe seeing Santa built up slowly but surely, and the kids talked a lot about it at home. Finally, the excitement was such that everyone got on board, including parents and guardians, in all three groups.

So, there we were, me holding my breath throughout each party, wondering what was going to happen: would the children play along and say yes? What would I do if they didn’t? Was I going to end up making all the trail mix bags by myself after school? With butterflies in my stomach, I led them to the North Pole. Once we arrived, we pretended to freeze a little there, then found Santa’s house and his letter. And the children said “yes”! All of them!

In December, as we celebrated Christmas, I organized three parties involving all three groups of students we have at Ma Première École Preschool. A total of 24 toddlers worked hard to assemble 140 trail mix bags that were then distributed throughout the community. Thirty-three mothers, fathers, grandmothers, grandfathers, step-mothers, and baby brothers managed to come assist us.

And indeed, it was the busiest time of the year and as it is meant to be, we came together as one family from different horizons and backgrounds to celebrate together, bound by our consent to give back. Thank you again, Regina Food for Learning, for helping us to grow stronger as a community. Thank you to all the amazing, generous parents and guardians who rose to the occasion and made this Christmas party an amazing one.

Marie Galophe, Ph.D.
Ma Première École Preschool teacher