School Feeding Program

Regina Food For Learning reacts to requests from schools to establish feeding programs.  Any school (public or separate) may contact us with a general need for a program to service a few or many students that they feel are not receiving adequate nutrition. The school may request breakfasts, lunches, or snacks depending on the needs of their students.


Universal programs: there is a general need in that particular school; all students receive food and any surplus can be consumed by those students who need it most.

Targeted programs: smaller programs wherein food may be provided only to a specific classroom or specific students demonstrating need as determined by school staff. 


Schools interested in applying to the program are asked to send in an official written request by the Principal or Program Leader. Information to provide in the request includes:

  •  Statement of need
  •  Type of snack or meal (i.e. breakfast, lunch, or snack)
  •  How many children 
  •  Number of days per week
  •  Dedicated staff at the school to pick up and distribute the food

Regina Food for Learning staff and Board of Directors review the requests and determine if the program will be a good fit for Regina Food for Learning. Other considerations include budget, operational capacity, and storage space. 


Once in the program, Regina Food for Learning requires that all students receiving snacks, breakfasts or lunches fill in a form indicating any food exemptions due to food allergies or restrictions in diet.  The teachers are our connection to the students and assist us by gathering the forms and recommending children that could benefit from our programs.  At the beginning and end of each school year we send information to each of the schools we service.  Our intention is to service children who consistently arrive at school hungry.  In the schools that receive breakfasts or lunches, the staff at that school and the students themselves often make up the meals using the menus and groceries we provide. In the schools offering universal snacks, all children are required to register and the snacks are distributed to every student on the scheduled days.

Nutrition Policy

Our nutrition standards adhere to guidelines set forth by REACH as well as the Saskatchewan Ministry of Education's Nourshing Minds framework, and are monitored by our Board of Directors and staff.  Each lunch is designed to provide one third of a child’s recommended daily requirements.




consists of 4 food groups. For example,


  • 250 mL 2% milk
  • protein-based sandwich (egg, tuna, meat, or cheese)
  • 100% whole wheat bread
  • vegetable sticks
  • fruit or low-fat baked item




consists of at least 2 food groups. For example, 


  • hard boiled egg & celery sticks
  • muffin and milk
  • ½ protein-based sandwich
  • ½ fruit and low-fat cookie
  • pizza bun




 consists of at least 3 food groups. For example,


  • English muffin
  • egg
  • cheese or milk         


Menu Planning and Preparation

Our Food Service Coordinator plans monthly menus and is also responsible for ordering food, receiving deliveries, and supplementing with grocery shopping where necessary. With the help of our dedicated volunteers, food is prepared at the Core Ritchie Neighborhood Centre, 5 days per week, with schools picking up food weekly.

Nutrition Education

Nutrition education is an important part of our program and we continually strive to introduce new foods and learning experiences whenever possible. There is an effort to provide as much variety as possible of fresh fruits and vegetables of the highest quality in season.


Thanks to the efforts of school staff, many of our programs prepare or assemble food in the classroom, which allows students to learn valuable food skills and enjoy the social benefits of eating together.